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My Grandma's of New England

My Grandma's of New England Coffee Cake

Customer Testimonials

Hi, My wife buys your Cinnamon Walnut Coffee Cake at Wegmans in Cherry Hill NJ. We brought it to a get together tonight and it diappeared quicker than anything else on the dessert table. We keep them stored in our freezer for all occasions. Thanks for making great products and keep up the good work.

Barbara and Bob M., NJ

Hello, A friend from Cambridge, MA visited recently and brought me this amazing Cinnamon Walnut Coffee cake as a gift. I was a bit jaded when she announced "it's incredible" because I personally love to bake and have tried some pretty amazing cakes and pies from some places hard to beat here. Well, I nearly flipped it was so delicious!! I also, really appreciate the fact that it had no trans fats, preservatives or anything artificial. I live in Southern California. Do you have any retail stores in our area that sells these coffee cakes? I'll drive anywhere to buy them within 50-80 miles. For now, I'm mail ordering a few from you for the future, but it sure would be nice if I could get it locally here. Thanks for producing ... a scrumptiously delicious coffee cake. It is indeed, perfection!

Justine Y., CA

Good afternoon ! I have one word for your Walnut Coffee Cake- AWESOME !!!! Wow, it was the best coffee cake I ever had ! In fact our dispatch dept. enjoyed it immensely ! It was all gone in just a few minutes ! We want more !!

Drew L., MA

Just wanted to thank you for your wonderful coffee cakes! I ordered one for my brother and one for a good friend this year, and they responded with rave reviews and great appreciation! Your cakes are always a "hit"; never a "miss" -- just about the best possible holiday gift to send! Thank you so much, and we will definitely be ordering again. (The only problem is, no one sent a "Grandma's" coffee cake to US! We so loved the one we received last year... that's what prompted me to gift them this year! Guess we'll just have to order one for ourselves!)

Karen B., CO

We recently received one of your blueberry coffee cakes from our cousin in Kentucky for Christmas. I have to say you people make the best coffee cake us new englanders ever ate. Freeze!! you have to be kidding, it didn't last that long.. Bravo to you!!


We received a New England Blueberry cake as a gift today at work, and it was gone in about 20 minutes even though 90% of the department is on vacation. I was the first to try it, and I immediately started telling my colleagues that it was unbelievably, incredibly delicious. I went back for another piece and it was gone. I started to eat the box it came in, it was so good.

Bill C., TN

I just received the cakes I had ordered for my office here in Florida. We first tried the Granny Smith Cake. I don't want to say it was well received but the first person to try it started to cry from joy. She said it was the best kosher dessert type she has ever had. The rest of the office was too busy going after more to comment. Now if you can only get distribution here in Southern Florida...Maybe my office can become a distributor for you.

Mark G., FL

Just wanted to tell you how pleased we were with our shipment of a Red, White and Blue "Patriot" Cake. It was SO wonderful! We could actually taste the fresh, "real" ingredients - like butter - cannot purchase anything that great in a grocery store or a bakery either. We enjoyed a few slices and froze the remainder for later treats.

Will surely order another cake for our next family gathering so everyone can savor the wonderful flavor and quality of your cakes. (There are 16 adults in our "extended" family, so perhaps I need to order two cakes! Our grandchildren are too young to appreciate the quality of your product, so we will probably just save the cake for the adults.)

Sent our daughter and her husband the "Chocolate Chip" Cake for a belated Anniversary Gift, and they also raved about the fantastic flavor and moistness of the cake.

At first I thought the cost of the cake was too "pricey", but upon sampling one, it IS worth every penny! Keep up the great work - High Quality is something we don't find everyday.

Janice and Dennis P., OH

Now may I please tell you what a HIT your coffee cake was for our Easter dinner?

I purchased the cake @ Big Y in Rocky Hill Ct. I wish I had gotten a dozen! It was like eating a giant brownie, it was moist, not too sweet, it was simply heaven.

I went back to the store this weekend, as all I heard from the family was, "more, more, more!!! Naturally, it wasn't to be found, so I emailed the buyer of the store and he tells me, and I hope it was the truth, they will order more for Mothers Day...

I really can't tell you how great it made me feel with all of them so happy with this product...Yankee Candles and Grandmas Coffee to love Massachusetts!!!

Thanks again for making our holiday extra special…

Rachelle W., CT

Well, I am hooked! This is the best cake I have ever tried! I ordered your original cinnamon walnut and it arrived today just as my mom came over to visit...well we dug into it and WOW is all I can say. Scrumptious! I will order time via your website as your prices are lower...thanks for such quality!! I am recommending you to all my friends!!

Annette M., MI

When I lived in Boston I used to order your cakes from the coffee shop I went to each morning - then when I left Boston, I couldn't find you on the Web. I checked Newton, because I knew that you were there - but alas, as I have learned you moved. I wanted to find you again because my family originally told me I was nuts to spend that much on a coffee cake (10.00 in those days) but after eating them told me they were worth every penny and more! Today, I got lucky via Google - I erroneously remembered the name as grandma's own - and here it's my grandma's! Well, I placed my order and sent it on to my Dad, it won't be our last and keep up the good work!!!!!!

Veronica V., FL

It's all about timing.

I left Wednesday afternoon for vacation and your package arrived at my door on Thursday (timing). Who would send me a cake, they said to themselves? We heard about your cake from NY to FL.

A friend who was house sitting for me placed it safely on my kitchen counter.

My 3 daughters arrived home from spring break on Saturday. Now these girls like most young women like to watch their weight, but they just had to have a taste of Grandma's coffee cake. Yummy! My sister-in-law stopped by to see her nieces. She too had her slice of cake.

My father-in-law also stopped by too, but my girls had gone out. He lives next door and probably planned it that way, he knew the cake was there. Word was out about My Grandma's Coffee Cake in my neighborhood. He stayed long enough just to sample the cake or so he planned. Now things changed. One slice was definitely not going to be enough for him. He decided to take a piece with him as he left (he took about half the cake).

Our house guest returns and noticed that the box was open, which was all the invitation he needed, to try a small piece too. He loved it! He had all he could do to stop eating after just one piece. He didn't want to appear too piggy, after all he was our guest.

Did I mention that my sister-in-law returned? Awe look, no one is home! She decides to take a piece home to her apartment for later (she took about half of what remained). The apple doesn't fall far from the tree (like father, like daughter).

The cake is now almost gone!

My youngest daughter, still living at home returns and notices the box was not closed tightly and as she opened the top to secure it once again, she noticed that only a small piece remained. She had plans for much more than the small piece that remained but what could she do? Of course she and her boyfriend just had to have what remained with a cup coffee. After all, why leave only one piece? No one want's to see it go to waste (ha, fat chance) and if she ate what was left with only her boyfriend around, there is no one to argue with over who gets the last piece. Bye, bye coffee cake!

Well, that's the story of how the My Grandma's of New England coffee cake went.

You should be very proud, "everyone" RAVED about how good your coffee cake was. My wife Doreen and I can only imagine it. Yes, we heard about our cake clear down in Key Largo where we were vacationing. Telephone calls, voice mail messages, cell phone calls and e-mail. We just never got our chance to sample it ourselves.

I just wanted to say, thank you for sending me the cake!

It was not only acclaimed to be the best coffee cake they had ever had, by those who sampled it! But it also created an interesting set of stories told to us by those who had visited our house during "the short lived life of the coffee cake sent to Red Hook, NY."

It's all about timing!

Thanks again. I look forward to seeing you down the road. I have sent your press release on to my editor and will follow up with her. I understand she is to receive a cake too!

Congratulations to all those at My Grandma's of New England!

Tom Ruff
Tea and Coffee Trade Journal